Is there a cancellation policy?

(As of 12 May 2020) We are confident that you will see improvements if you follow the program at least 3x a week. That said, while we do not have a cancellation policy, your feedback is important to us and we will want to try and resolve them.

How does this program differ compared to other programs out there?

Our 12-weeks GoldforIPPT program is personalized to help you improve your IPPT Scores according to where your scores are right now. It is the most affordable 12-weeks personalized training program that we know of right now that will help you improve your IPPT Results.

Does this program replace a personal trainer?

This program uses your IPPT score as a guideline and looks at improving it. If you have a fitness goal that is more than just improving your IPPT score, having a good personal trainer is still beneficial to your own customizable needs.

What should I do if the training is too hard?

Our program is meant to start at a comfortable intensity for you which is why knowing your previous IPPT score is crucial for us to know where is a good start point. If during the course of the program, you find that the progression is hard, you can continue at the same intensity until you feel that you have made progress.

The program does not seem to have a lot of variations. Why is that so?

The exercises in the program have been selected to help you create the highest amount of improvement through body weight exercises at the shortest time possible. As such, the variation of the exercises has been kept minimal to ensure that the program is made with no fluff, giving you only what you need to get you to the results you want.